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E-MAIL: patool@patool.com


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Pennsylvania Tool & Gages, Inc. EDM wire facility is an area leader in machines, facility and operator skill level. Electronic data transfer and exchange is the preferred method at PT&G. We utilize the following: E-sprit, Mechanics,and we are DXF, IGES, DWG compatible. The industrial domain which relies on PT&G's expertise is grounded in the High Tech sector; electronics, semiconductor and communication. These industries demand precision of the caliber which is commonplace to Pennsylvania Tool & Gages, Inc.
1 Wire-Agie 150 HSS
1 Wire-Agiecut 200 (10"x 10"x 16")
1 Wire-Agiecut 120 (12"x 8"x 12")
1 Wire-Charmilles 2030 SI
1 Wire-Charmilles 2030 SI Dual Wire

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Pennsylvania Tool & Gages, Inc., has both conventional and CNC ram EDM machines. All machines are housed in an environmentally controlled room. In house polishing is available for precision surface finishing of all common steels as well as carbide.

1 Charmilles Roboform 200 CNC (8.66" x 12.60")
1 Charmilles Roboform 20 CNC ( 9.8" X 11.8" )
4 Conventionals, 3 Eltee EP-30s
1 Charmilles (8"x 15") 
1 Current CNC Small Hole EDM
1 Castek CNC Small Hole EDM


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Capacity- .020" dia to 3.0" dia x 3" stroke.
Pennsylvania Tool & Gages, Inc., has a well equipped , well tooled, environmentally controlled jig grind department. This department is a critical element to our capacity to build tools of extreme and exacting tolerance. It is not uncommon to build molds and dies requiring .0001" and .0002" clearances and as you are aware these tolerances cannot be achieved without adequate tools and experienced professionals. In the jig grind department the following equipment is found:

5 No.3 Moore jig grinders
1 No.3 Moore jig bore

Capacity 22" x 44"
1 Moore Fosdick CNC Jig Grinder
1 Sunnen Hone

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Pennsylvania Tool & Gages, Inc., toolroom grinding department has 26 Harig and Boyer precision surface grinders staffed with a full complement of highly talented toolmakers and grinder hands. The grinder capacity is 6" x 12" and the material and nature of the work varies from precision form, to mold, die and gage parts, toleranced to .000050". Materials commonly utilized are a variety of tool steels, carbides, plastics, and a variety of exotics.
Due to the customer base that Pennsylvania Tool & Gages, Inc., services, we are occasionally requested to manufacture small, delicate and extremely precise pins for a variety of applications in molds, dies, gages and machinery. In order to satisfy our customer request we acquired and employ the following equipment:

1 Brown & Sharpe External Grinder 6"dia. x 12"
1 Paragon Cylindrical Grinder 10"dia. x 22"
1 Model "C" Ded-tru Centerless Grdrs. .015" to  2.25" dia.
P.O. Box 534
Meadville, PA 16335

Toll Free: 877-827-8285
Tel: 814.336.3136
Fax: 814.333.9131

E-MAIL: patool@patool.com