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Most modern CAD formats are acceptable. Please use e-mail links shown at right to send inquiries to us. We will respond promptly. Inside Sales
Pennsylvania Tool & Gages, Inc., inside sales department has 80 years of accumulated service with the company. This group is a key element in managing the flow of work which comes to the company. They must interface and maintain good communication with the customers to accurately determine the exact nature of their requirements. This takes place at the time the RFQ is initially placed until the time of successful delivery of the product and beyond, constantly sensitive to the customers needs and the satisfaction thereof.

Jim Burns - Large Custom Grinding- Ext. 218

Jim Ross - Tooling-Ext. 212
Bob Kesslar - Tooling-Ext. 211
P.O Box 534
Meadville, PA 16335
Toll Free: 877-827-8285
Tel: 814.336.3136
Fax: 814.333.9131

GENERAL E-MAIL: patool@patool.com